Amusing FedEx Ad

FedEx Ad (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

At one point, competing companies would go out of their way to avoid specifically mentioning their rivals when it came to advertising, preferring to instead drop subtle hints as to who they were referring to. But if the tired Mac vs. PC ads are any indication, those days are long gone. recently posted another collection of Creative Advertisements which included this amusing and downright brilliant ad from FedEx. While I’m pretty sure the image was only created for a print ad, it would have been really cool if they went the extra mile and actually converted one of their delivery trucks to look like this.

[ – Creative Advertisements Part 2 ] VIA [ TechEBlog ]

4 thoughts on “Amusing FedEx Ad”

  1. Very creative and funny. What I wonder about is how did/will UPS react about the use of their image and brand in such a way? Isn’t this kind of ground for a lawsuit?

  2. Hilarious. I think UPS could only do something if it was false advertising. I’m fairly certain one giant Fedex truck could hold two of those little UPS trucks. Comcast and Verizon and PC vs Mac go at each other all the time. I’m sure there were plenty of legal people involved when this was thought up. Whoever created this ad needs a raise.

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