Ambient Weather Forecasting Umbrella

umbrellaBy Bruce Eaton

If you’re smart and keep an eye on the news, you’re not likely to leave without an umbrella on a rainy day. But why not just cut out the middleman? With the Ambient Umbrella by Ambient Devices you can do just that! Incorporating a data receiver in the handle which accesses for your geographic location, the handle has blue LEDs that flash according to how likely it is to rain. 100% chance of rain yields 100 light pulses a minute. At 60% it flashes once a second and for 30% chance of rain, a flash every few seconds.

Keep it in a very visible place, by the door, and you will never have to worry or watch the weather. Even just today I got screwed by ye ol’ timey meterologist who said “Bright and Sunny” and turned into “Raining with Fire & Brimestone” for the whole day. If only future me liked past me enough to travel back and bring me one of these. [Bruce’s been huffing paint again. Forgive him. -Ed.] Available summer ’06.

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