Ambient Field Conditioner Is Good At Separating Fools From Their Money

By David Ponce

We think that there’s a point of diminishing returns when it comes to audio equipment. There’s a good difference between a $30 set of PC speakers and a $1,000 system. But the difference between that $1,000 system and say, one that costs $20,000 is that you’ll be $19,000 poorer and immeasurably stupider for it. Of course, audiophiles will disagree and find all manners of reasons to justify the expense; we won’t get into an argument here. Suffice it to say we were not impressed with the Blackbody, an Ambient Field Conditioner. It’s a box that doesn’t make any sounds. It doesn’t even amplify. Really, all it claims to do is sit there and somehow “enhance audio playback quality by modifying the interaction of your gear’s circuitry with the ambient electromagnetic field. The Blackbody eliminates sonic smearing of high frequencies and lowers the noise floor, thus clarifying the stereo image.” It’s $1,323. For an audio accessory.

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1 thought on “Ambient Field Conditioner Is Good At Separating Fools From Their Money”

  1. I’ve got one beside my toilet. I reduces the sound of my fluttering gas. My wife doesn’t even hear me anymore. And when I flush, there is hardly a whisper. Best twelve hundred I’ve ever spent. Missed a house payment though.

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