Amazing Real-Life Lunar Lander Arcade Machine

Lunar Lander Arcade Machine (Images courtesy Iain Sharp)
By Andrew Liszewski

After losing thousands of spacecraft in Atari’s Lunar Lander game (or at least the Commodore 64 port) I came to realize that I probably was not cut out to be an astronaut. But deep down the dream of piloting and landing a craft on the lunar surface is still alive, and it’s been rekindled after seeing Iain Sharp’s Lunar Lander arcade cabinet, which replaces the vector graphics of the original game with real life dials, gauges and a miniature model of the lander itself.

There’s plenty of details about the arcade machine on and their build blog, including how it was engineered and put together, but those of us who are just interested in the game itself will find the following video more than satisfying.

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