Always-On Millipod Micro Tripod

Always-On Millipod (Image courtesy Made Products)By Andrew Liszewski

A slim and light P&S camera is great for slipping in your pocket and taking wherever you go but their compact size does have its disadvantages. That thin form factor makes propping them up for self-portraits or low-light shots very difficult. As a result it’s handy to carry a tripod with you but that tends to defeat the purpose of the camera’s small form factor.

Enter the Millipod which is billed as the “slimmest tripod ever” and they’re probably right. It’s designed to attach to the bottom of your P&S camera without adding much additional weight or size. But when you need to prop the camera up somewhere the Millipod has three small legs that can be easily unfolded providing some much needed stability. It can also be rotated while still attached for getting a specific shot or when you need access to the battery or memory card compartments.

Unfortunately info on availability and pricing has not been released.

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