Aluminum Can Crusher With Automatic Feed

Automatic Feed Can Crusher (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

Imagine if someone took the principle behind a machine gun and applied it to an aluminum can crusher. Well don’t worry if your imagination has been destroyed by 20 years of TV because such a device actually exists. Just drop a can into the hopper of this crusher and pull the lever to perfectly crush it down for recycling purposes. When you lift the lever the can is then automatically ejected below and the next can in the hopper gets loaded. The best part is that in theory you never need to touch the sticky crushed cans as long as you keep a strategically based bin directly underneath it.

Now I’ve never considered myself a master counter by any means but I have to question’s claim that the hopper can hold up to 6 cans when I can clearly count 9 in the product shot. Maybe they’re just underselling its capabilities so that when it arrives you’re even more impressed at what it can do.

Make doing your part when it comes to recycling even easier with an Automatic Feed Can Crusher from for only $19.99.

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4 thoughts on “Aluminum Can Crusher With Automatic Feed”

  1. These things have been around for years. Think I got my first one around 1995, give or take a few years. They do work better than any other can crusher I’ve used. And they work even better with a bit of modification.

  2. I have had a couple and like them but the cage always breaks for me and you can’t buy just the cage. What modifications are you talking about?

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