Aloisson Develops $1.3 Million Crypto Phone

diamond crypto smartphone

By David Ponce

It’s not the first time we come across a crypto phone, nor is it the first time we see a really ‘spensive diamond crusted blingalicious mobile either. It is however, the first such phone to combine both attributes that we’ve seen. And strangely enough, it seem to have been out for over a year. Anyone heard of it already?

The $1.3 million piece has been designed by Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson for a Moscow based company, JSC Ancort. It features 50 diamonds (10 of them blue) and comes in either white or pink gold. And if you happen to have another really rich buddy with a taste for gaudy phones, you two can have completely encrypted conversations; and probably the undivided attention of some folk at the NSA.

Come inside for full specs.

Network: GSM 900/1800
Dimensions: 115?53?24 mm
Processor: Motorola MX21 (266 MHz)
OS: Windows CE
Memory: 64 ?B (Flash)/64 ?B (RAM)
Display: 2.2? 262K TFT screen
Standby Time: 100 Hours
Talk Time: 2 hours
Music Player

Encryption Specifications:

Encryption Processor: TMS 320 VC 5416
Crypto Phone call
Crypto SMS
Crypto E-mail
Dedicated encryption button

[$1.3 million Crypto Phone] VIA [Tech Ticker]

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  1. I was just alarmed at the price of this phone.I have been thinking,will anyone buy this phone for 1.3 million dollars..?If so then i think that kind of person is doing well in life.”congratulations anyway for a such a massive phone made.
    Kind regards

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