Alligator Decoy Guards Your Pond, Saves Zoos Money

Gator Decoy

By Evan Ackerman

You might be surprised how often visitors to the Oakland Zoo (where I volunteer) ask whether or not the alligators are… you know… real. Or maybe you wouldn’t be surprised, if you’ve ever seen a real live alligator, since most of the time real live alligators look just like this fake alligator decoy. Except, this is better than a real alligator, since it’s solar powered and has light up eyes. You can anchor it to the bottom of your fish pond, swimming pool, or bathtub to keep predators (or those damn kids) from chasing your koi. And zoos? They can save big money on food and care and pretty much nobody will notice, as long as visitors can be convinced that the solar power cells are just an adaptation. You know, ’cause of the high price of gas and all.


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1 thought on “Alligator Decoy Guards Your Pond, Saves Zoos Money”

  1. Haha, awesome!

    (And I really have wondered at time if crocs in the zoo are real.. fortunately they always blinked to let me know. But considering this… I’m not so sure anymore.)

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