Alien Abduction Lamp Now Available


By David Ponce

If you’ve been reading us long enough, you’ll know we’ve been keeping track of this alien abduction lamp. From early concept two years ago, to final prototype and now it’s finally being shipped out to Europe and Australia/New Zealand. It’s $100, though we aren’t sure in what currency. The rest of the world will get it pending regulatory approvals.

Here are a few of this lamp’s “features”:

    Energy saving LEDs
    High Quality Perspex Beam
    Removable Bovine Abductee
    Glowing green/yellow cockpit
    Glow-in-the-dark aliens in cockpit
    High quality steel body with fantastic black-pearl finish
    3-stage UFO Control antenna, on/off and pulse
    Ultra non-slip base featuring real fake grass

There are only “2000 Special Limited ‘Signature Edition’ Alien Abduction Lamps. This one-off, Limited Edition is engrave signed by the designer Lasse Klein and comes complete with specially-printed poster/certificate which is not available anywhere else.”

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15 thoughts on “Alien Abduction Lamp Now Available”

  1. Cool, I know a handful of guys that will love this one (I'm one of them, but my girlfriend will probably toss it the minute I get plugged in). You guys should do a WW giveaway on this one instead of all the US-only products.

  2. That is a very cute idea. Great for a kids room or play room. I don't see it being a part of my decor, but very cute. I like the effort and detail that went into them.

  3. I assume the sheep if for the Australian market. The Aussies love sheep, and you can real in Collapse by Jared Diamond how they're driving their desolate, savage island nation into destruction for their love of sheep.

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