AlessiLux (Images courtesy Alessi)

Alessi Reimagines The Light Bulb – We Like What They Come Up With

AlessiLux (Images courtesy Alessi)
By Andrew Liszewski

Our civilization is pretty dependent on light bulbs when you think about it. But for some reason, as important as they are to us, we go out of our way to keep them out of sight by hiding them behind shades and what not. I personally think they deserve the spotlight, so I like what the Italian design firm Alessi came up with when they decided to re-imagine the light bulb. Their new AlessiLux Foreverlamps turn the bulbs into decorative pieces of art, encouraging you to display them proudly, not tucked away behind a sconce.

The various designs for all of the new LED-based bulbs were created by three artists: Giovanni Alessi Anghini, Gabriele Chiave and Frederic Gooris, and there are styles available to match any kind of decor. From classic to modern to even kids’ rooms. The bulbs are all LED-based too which of course makes them far more energy efficient than incandescents, but it also means they tend to run on the expensive side. Each of the 7 different designs are ~$62 (€42.50) a piece, but keep in mind you’ll actually be saving money in the long run by making the switch, not to mention the improvements they’ll bring to your home decor.

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