Alesis Announces DM6 USB Express Drum Kit

If you’ve ever tried your hand at playing drums, you’ve no doubt realized two of the biggest issues with doing so. That’s right, a drum kit is loud and takes up a ton of space. If that weren’t enough, they aren’t the easiest instrument to record, and you’ll need a cargo van to haul them. It’s no wonder that guitarists get all the chicks.

The people over at Alesis feel your pain, and have a little something for you. It’s called the DM6 USB Express kit. This is a nice full-sized drumset that’s still small enough to tuck away (or transport) when you’re not using it. It features six pads (upright bass, two toms, hi-hat, cymbal, and a dual-zone snare) and two pedals. Essentially, it’s everything you’re going to need to get started.

Of course, what good are all of these pieces of equipment without a head unit to drive the whole thing? The DM6 module that’s included gives you over a hundred different instrument sounds to choose from, so that you can essentially design your own unique kit. When you’ve got a solid track that you want to lay down, just plug it into your computer via USB and fire up your favorite recording software. With an estimated street price of around $400, I’d say there are a lot of good reasons to pick one of these over a traditional drum kit.

[ Alesis ]