ALERT Staples: Every Office Needs These

ALERT Staples: Every Office Needs These

Alert Staples

Everything’s all good until you run out of staples. What’s worse is when your office is truly out of staples because the guy in charge of supplies screwed things up. This happened last week at our office, and let me just say that the hour it took to buy staples was as tense as things can get in an otherwise boring office.

I’m sure it’s happened to you before: you’re stapling forms and documents, working up a good rhythm, until you hear that empty click that means your stapler is out of staples. Working to make sure that this doesn’t happen without your awareness is ALERT Staples. It’s a concept by¬†Wei-Ling Hsu, Yu-Ren Lai, and Cyuan-Yi You, where your typical staple wires are inked with a red band at the edge.

Alert Staples1

That way, you’ll know when you’re running low on staples once the red ones show up on your documents. You can also use it as a gauge to check how many staples are left inside the stapler by checking the side and seeing how far the red band is from the tip.

ALERT Staples are just a design but they’re easy to dupe. Just take a red pen and draw red bands on your existing staple wires, and you’re good to go.

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