‘Albert’ Digital Clock Forces You to Wake Up, Calculate the Time

Albert - digital clock for kids (and grownups)

Give your brain an early morning workout every day with Albert. It’s a digital clock that makes you think and do some mental math before giving you what you want– the time. It’s a neat clock to put in your kids’ room and in yours too, specially if the old noodle is in need of some sharpening.

The display shows a mathematical equation instead of the time, and you have to solve it before you can figure out what time of day it is. You can set it to different levels of difficulty and you can start it off at level one, if you’re really that rusty.

Albert - digital clock for kids (and grownups)1

The Albert digital clock is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of €140 (about ~$154) will get you one of your very own.

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  1. The only thing I want in the morning, is a shower and a bottle of Mt. Dew. Until then, please don’t engage me in meaningful conversation that requires me to think about a response. 🙂

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