Albatros Bookmark Doesn’t Need You To Remember To Use It

By David Ponce

For those of you still reading dead tree books, the use of a bookmark is almost indispensable. There’s nothing hard or complicated about how these work; they’ve probably been around for as long as books themselves. But as it turns out, there is a way to improve on their design, and the Albatross Bookmark is it. Install it once at the start of your reading, and you will never have to remember to place it. Its folded design keeps it at your open page at all times, and it stays there when you close your book. Suddenly in a rush to catch a bus? Don’t fumble around with a bookmark. Just close your book and run. It’s simple and brilliant.

Currently fully funded on IndieGoGo, you can still pre-order them for $10 for a set of 6. We’re not exactly sure when they’ll ship, but it should be sometime after March 23rd, when the campaign ends.

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