Alastair Gibson’s Carbon Fiber Fish Sculptures

Alastair Gibson’s Carbon Fiber Fish Sculptures

Carbon Fiber Fish Sculptures (Images courtesy CarbonArt45)
By Andrew Liszewski

These fish sculptures made from carbon fiber Formula One racing parts might seem a little odd at first, but when you consider that Alastair Gibson, the artist who created them, was the lead mechanic for the Benetton F1 team for 4 years, and later served as the race team chief mechanic for BAR Honda for another another 10, you can kind of understand where he drew his inspiration.

The parts used in his creations are from actual F1 cars (like the snazzy exhaust pipes on the back of the ‘Racing Mako’) and each one is documented so you can trace back where each fin, tooth or gill actually came from. Unfortunately these pieces aren’t available for sale, but Alastair is “undertaking a number of private commissions” according to his website, so all is not lost if you really wanted one of these hanging over your fireplace.

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