Alaskans Can’t Recognize A Solar Powered Car

By Jonathan Kimak

So Alaska is getting more attention now that Sarah Palin is a vice presidential candidate. And while this is not a commentary for or against people from Alaska, it is interesting that they didn’t recognize a solar powered car when one entered their borders last month.

Canadian Marcelo da Luz has been driving his solar powered car across North America for the past two years. And this September he made the trip to Alaska. His greeting? Someone called 911 claiming they saw a UFO. The police responded and pulled Mr. da Luz over to make sure he wasn’t an alien.

In Alaska’s defense they aren’t the only ones worried about an invasion from above; Marcelo has been pulled over a total of seven times during his travels.

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  1. I'm fairly sure that that story doesn't mean that people from Alaska don't recognize a solar powered car. A couple of people from Alaska, yes, but “people from Alaska”, no.

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