Alas Poor Muxtape, I Knew Thee Well

Au Revoir Muxtape (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t care how big your MP3 collection might be, sometimes you just get tired of the same old stuff, and that’s where Muxtape came in quite handy. For those unfamiliar with the site/service, it basically provided a 21st century way to create a ‘mixtape’ of different songs that anyone who visited the site could listen to. Once an account was created you could upload 12 songs (they all had to be from different albums) which would be stored via the Amazon S3 service. The site itself then provided a simple and clean way for anyone to stream and listen to your Muxtape tracklist.

Well I’m not sure when it happened (I used Muxtape as late as last week) but this is what you see when you visit the site now. “Muxtape will be unavailable for a brief period while we sort out a problem with the RIAA.” Since the site first appeared I wondered how they managed to avoid any ‘dealings’ with the RIAA, but instead of worrying I decided to just enjoy it as long as I could. There is hope though that the site is not gone forever, since the following message was posted to the Muxtape RSS feed yesterday: “No artists or labels have complained. The site is not closed indefinitely. Stay tuned.” So for the time being I will remain cautiously optimistic.

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