Akiko Sakaizumi’s “Get your head #2.”

akiko Sakaizumi LED art piece

By David Ponce

Last time we showed you something from BitEditions, it was a nice, if somewhat sedate, wall art piece entitled Jonh Flear’s Fireflies. This time around though, we’ve got something that kicks some serious butt. It’s the “Get your head #2.”, from Akiko Sakaizumi. Why is it cool? Because anything that has the following description in the press release is worth a look or two, that’s why:

Akiko Sakaizumi creates a queasy, video game-inspired narrative, highlighted by a flying chicken body being shot at and impregnated by a phallic cannon, and giving birth to its own head.

What, actually, is it? Well, $3,500 (now on special for $950), can buy you a 14 by 12 inch LED art piece, which displays a rather interesting animation that’s sure to impress even your geekiest of friends.

For a video, come inside. Out here, you get the link love.

[Akiko Sakaizumi LED Art]

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