airLUCE Devastatingly Modern Lighting

By Ryan Nill

Tranlogue Associates, designer of couture household accessories, has created a line of lighting fixtures utilizing surface emitted light. Inspired by fluid, natural lines, the airLUCE series is both modern and exceptionally beautiful; airLUCE looks surreal, almost ethereal. Made from an all new material, designed by Asahi Kasei, it consists of acrylic board that emits surface light from hidden LED sources. This more equal diffusion of the light creates a softer, cleaner feeling; it appears more balanced and natural, especially when compared to the harsher LED lights popular now.

The airLUCE series will be released next week in London. Pricing and availability is unknown, but is probably horribly expensive. And unless you live in an undersea palace or inside of a giant iPod, it probably won’t match your decor anyways. One more picture and links after the jump.

Above is a picture of the “Bellflower,” below is a close up of the “Anemone.”


[ Tranlogue ] VIA [ Moco Loco ]

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