Airboard Inflatable Sled Is Still Relevant This Season


We don’t know about you, but up here in the Northeast, it’s been snowin’. Y’all know what you do when it snows? You either cry about it, or you take advantage of it. The Airboard Inflatable Sled looks like a great way to turn a crappy snow day into a fun snow day:

Arriving in the States via Europe this winter, the Airboard, a 6-pound inflatable boogie board for the snow, is ideal for either backcountry or ski-resort sliding. Operation is simple: Lie on your chest and hold on tight. I-beams in the body provide shock resistance, while the ribbed underbelly allows you to steer and stop by shifting your weight. Good thing too: This thing’s speed record is 77 miles per hour

Considering it has no visible brakes and you’re traveling downhill face first, we don’t recommend trying to beat that particular record. But if you’re looking for some good, clean, but rather expensive winter fun, the Airboard can be had for $380.


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