Airbike Provides A Pedal-Powered Boost For Hang Gliders

Airbike (Images courtesy Air Bike UK)
By Andrew Liszewski

Pedal-powered flight is not for the faint of heart, and that’s probably why the Airbike is designed to work in conjunction with a hang glider. On its own, the Airbike’s propeller doesn’t produce enough thrust to get a hang glider into the air, but once airborne it does provide an extra bit of thrust so that the pilot isn’t completely dependent on thermals for gaining altitude.

Unfortunately the Airbike website doesn’t have any pictures of what the pedaling mechanism actually looks like, it’s always hidden inside that bag, but presumably it’s all geared down to provide maximum prop speed with minimal pedaling. Now anyone who pursues aviation as a pastime knows it’s not a cheap hobby, and the prone version of the Airbike pictured here will set you back just over $2,000, hang glider not included.

[ Airbike UK ] VIA [ DVICE ]

2 thoughts on “Airbike Provides A Pedal-Powered Boost For Hang Gliders”

  1. now i feel uneasy to imagine myself confined to a bag and pedaling within its constraints!

    okay, it looks kind of rigid, but i a think for a 2000 you may get a similar and more small device with an electric motor..

    at least photographed one may say he got a propeller attached to his enourmously big tail!

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