Air Shadow Ceiling Fan With Retractable Blades

Air Shadow Retractable Blade Ceiling Fan (Images courtesy Trendir)
By Andrew Liszewski

There’s been a recent trend of hiding electronics around the house, whether it involves a TV that disappears behind a painting, or something as simple as a shield to keep a powerbar full of adapters out of sight. While I don’t understand why someone would be embarrassed about having a TV in the living room, I can still appreciate the coolness of having it automatically disappear at the push of a button. However I’m not really sure why someone would want the same functionality in a ceiling fan.

The Air Shadow series from Fanimation is a pretty high-tech looking 4-blade ceiling fan that is capable of automatically retracting the blades when not in use. In its bare form the retracted blades are still visible, but if you attach an available glass bowl or light shade kit to the underside they will effectively disappear from sight. And again, while being able to automatically retract is admittably a pretty cool feature, it seems like a lot of pointless extra engineering to me.

The bare version of the Air Shadow pictured above will set you back about $499.95, but the extra lighting kits that hang below can take the price up to $899.95.

[ Air Shadow Retractable Blade Ceiling Fan ] VIA [ Trendir ]

2 thoughts on “Air Shadow Ceiling Fan With Retractable Blades”

  1. Yes, it is pretty mechanical, considering it is a direct copy of a 1923 patent.
    An advanced retracting blade ceiling fan with increased airflow is coming.
    Keep a look out.

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