Air-O-Swiss Travel Humidifier Uses Standard Water Bottles

Air-O-Swiss Travel Humidifier (Images courtesy Air-O-Swiss)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you feel the need to bring something like a humidifier with you when you travel, odds are you’re not a light packer. But the Air-O-Swiss Travel Humidifier is compact enough for even those who travel with just a backpack since it doesn’t have a built-in water tank. Instead, it uses a plastic water bottle which you simply cap with a special adapter and the stick into the device. Ultrasonic technology is then used to produce a micro-fine mist which is blown into the room where it evaporates, increasing the humidity. It also comes with a handy transcontinental AC adapter and exchangeable plugs allowing it to be used in any country, and there’s even an auto-shut-off for when the bottle runs dry in the middle of the night. $59.99 from Air-O-Swiss.

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