Air Hogs Reflex Indoor RC Helicopter

Air Hogs Reflex (Image courtesy Amazon)By Andrew Liszewski

I was happy to see the ‘Picco Z’ RC helicopters rebranded and sold as the ‘Air Hogs Havoc Heli’ here in North America. And while the Havoc Heli is surprisingly fun (and affordable) it’s also a bit limited in terms of flight controls. So if you’re looking for an indoor RC helicopter that’s a bit more advanced the Air Hogs Reflex might be a better option.

Since the Havoc Heli uses a tail rotor to counter the spin of the main propeller you don’t really have any way to control its forward momentum. The Reflex however uses two counter-rotating propellers to keep the chopper stable which also allows for a couple of additional propellers dedicated to steering and thrust control. This allows you to steer the helicopter in pretty much any direction. And don’t worry about the risk of crashing the Reflex because it will inevitably happen. It’s made from crash-resistant foam and has special ‘breakaway’ rotors allowing it to survive even the worst of landings.

Of course the biggest difference between the Havoc Heli and the Reflex is the price. While the Havoc will only set you back about $30 the Reflex comes closer to $75. But compared to a real gas powered RC helicopter it’s a bargain.

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