Ainol V100 Emulates Old ROMs, Plays Music, Teases You From China

ainol v100

By David Ponce

Seems these days, the kids who grew up playing videogames in the 80’s are feeling nostalgic and any chance to kick it old school gets some heads turning. Of course, I’m included in that happy bunch, and it irks me that the V100 from Ainol looks like it’ll stay confined within the great walls of China. The device, which sports a lovely 2.5 inch QVGA display, is a handheld emulator, as well as a full fledged media player. It has an ADI Blackfin processor, which can run up to 400Mhz and allows you to play 8bit NES, 16bit SFC and Sega MD games. The V100 also plays back AVIs, as well as MP3s, WMAs and the lossless FLAC codec for all y’all audio nuts. Though the website is completely Chinese-fied, we gather that it comes with 512MB of space, which isn’t all that much. But, really, its storage capacity is not quite the point. The point is that there’s this company, all the way in China, that makes a decent looking portable media player that happens to be able to emulate a bunch of old school goodness, and there’s next to no chance I’ll ever own one. That said, I believe I’ve seen something out there that does pretty much the same thing, and is available to us. Anyone have a clue?

[Ainol Website] VIA [Gizmologia]

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