AIBO Has New Tricks

By David Ponce

I dunno… I never caught on with the AIBO fella. Maybe it had to do with the exorbitant prices. What do I know? In any case, my opinion doesn’t matter. What’s important to know here, is that the new Aibo has a couple new tricks up it’s, um, paw.

On top of its usual shenanigans, the ERS-7M3 as it’s smartly named, will also be given photoblogging capabilities. In other words, it’ll go around the house, snapping pictures now and then, and uploading these to whatever blog you tell it to.

There seems to be a way for you to veto the pictures, before they go live, so that way you can save yourself the embarrassment should AIBO be in the room during your morning horizontal constitutional.

Other new tricks include his ability to read the latest news and sports reports using text to speech software. He’ll also play internet radio and MP3s stored on your computer, and features a new dance function and new command – “groove to the music”, replacing “feel the rhythm”.

It’ll be out sometime in October.

And how much for all this wonder? Oh, a little £1,500 is all. That’s about $2,600 for those of you Brittishly impaired.

Read more at T3.