Ahrend 750 Office Furniture With Electronic Height Adjustment

Ahrend 750 Office Furniture (Images courtesy Ahrend & designboom)
By Andrew Liszewski

At one time working in a cubicle meant you weren’t exactly considered the most important employee in your office. But the Ahrend 750 series might make you feel a bit more appreciated since I don’t know too many executives who can adjust the height of their desks at the push of a button. (Unless that button is a hotline to their own private carpenter that is.)

Located in the corner of the 750 series desktops is a small panel with two buttons that can be used to automatically raise or lower the height of the desk. A simple LCD display also provides a numerical read out of the setting, so in the future it’s easy to reset the desk back to a height you prefer if someone else was using it. On top of it all the 750 series also has a pleasing, aesthetic design that just might make you glad you didn’t get that corner office.

[ Ahrend 750 Furniture ] VIA [ designboom ]

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  1. It’s kind of like the office version of the “sleep number bed.” Co-workers would exchange their numbers in the work of casual conversation & the short & small-torsoed would without a doubt be singled out & ridiculed.

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