Aerogrow Puts The Green In Your Home


By David Edney

Every time I have tried to grow any plant, I’ve killed it. Except for a cactus, because those can go a long time without water. Thankfully for my plants there is now the Aerogrow. With the Aerogrow you can grow plants anywhere in your home. It’s got a built in lighting system, an aeroponic optimizing chamber (artificial rainforest), computerized “smart” garden that notifies you when the plant needs watering, and a microprocessor that automatically adjusts the water/light/nutrients given to whatever type of plant you have growing. You can buy pre-seeded grow pods that are ready to grow, and the company boasts that it grows plants 5 times faster than normal dirt, and the plants grow healthier fruits/veggies. We can all go for more healthy fruits and veggies. This whole kit was originally developed by NASA to grow plants without dirt in space. It goes for $149.95, but can you really put a price on healthy food? [Healthy food… Right, that’s exactly what people will grow with this. Healthy food. -Ed.]

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