Aerobed Pakmat (Image courtesy Aero Products)

Aerobed Pakmat Crams An Inflatable Mattress Into An Airpump

Aerobed Pakmat (Image courtesy Aero Products)
By Andrew Liszewski

Inflatable air mattresses with a built-in pump aren’t uncommon, but the Aerobed Pakmat turns things inside out by sticking the air mattress inside the pump. Not only does it ensure you always have a pump on hand allowing you to easily inflate the mattress in about 60 seconds, but the rigid cylinder also serves to protect the mattress form punctures while it’s stored inside. And it just looks a heck of a lot easier to transport and store than most other air mattresses I’ve used that never seem to fold up right. Unfortunately though it’s $99.99 which is pretty steep if you’re not charging visiting friends and family who stay the night.

[ Aerobed Pakmat ] VIA [ InventorSpot ]

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  1. Rooms can inflate in a minute using the cylindrical pump without batteries or external power source required. Designed for use indoors and outdoors, it was designed to withstand extreme temperatures by using heavy materials.

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