Adult Fans Of LEGO: A Blocumentary

By Andrew Liszewski

Sorry about the deluge of videos this morning (2 is a deluge right?) but Jess Gibson’s ‘blocumentary’ AFOL (or Adult Fans of LEGO) is a must watch for anyone who still busts out their containers of rainbow colored blocks after a long day at the office. Now I think LEGO has done a fantastic job at marketing themselves to young and old alike, and there’s no reason to be ashamed of building with LEGO well into your senior years, but the documentary is still a nice way to let us all know we’re not alone. Not to mention you get a glimpse of some truly drool-worthy LEGO collections and creations.

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4 thoughts on “Adult Fans Of LEGO: A Blocumentary”

  1. I don't think there's any shame in being an adult Lego fan. Anyone see the episode of “Mythbusters” where they built the gigantic sphere of Legos? That's the kind of fun only grown-up fans of the colored building blocks can really appreciate. :o)

  2. I have to agree, I didn't know legos fell under dolls that you don't collect. I mean I always thought kids and adults were suppose to play with them…

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