Adidas' TRON: Legacy Sneakers (Image courtesy TOYSREVIL)

Adidas’ TRON: Legacy Sneakers Revealed At Comic Con

Adidas' TRON: Legacy Sneakers (Image courtesy TOYSREVIL)
By Andrew Liszewski

Disney’s upcoming TRON: Legacy sequel is not scheduled to be released for almost 6 months, but it’s already looking like it’s going to give Lucasfilm a run for their money when it comes to marketing tie-ins. These sneakers from Adidas have already been mentioned in previous press releases, but Comic Con seems to be the first time they’ve been shown. Unfortunately as far as I can tell the shoes don’t actually glow (like they should!) but instead include glow-in-the-dark stitching and reflective TRON screenprint graphics so in the right light they look like you’ve just stepped out of Flynn’s arcade. A little disappointing yes, but hopefully there’s a cobbler out there with the electroluminescent skills to make these truly awesome.

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  1. I'd buy these.. Remember that awesome Tron hoodie you had a couple months back.. That is now in my closet as well. I'm usually against companies marketing things on almost everything but I must say I don't seem to care as much as long as the product is cool looking. So when I buy them people say “what the heck is that” yeah those are the products for me

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