Adhesive Solar Panels Drastically Reduce Installation Costs

Power-Ply 380 Roof Integrated Photovoltaic (RIPV) Module (Image courtesy DRI Energy)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re still finding reasons why you can’t or won’t install a set of solar panels on your roof, these Power-Ply 380 modules should eliminate a few more excuses. Their most innovative feature is an adhesive backing which makes installation as easy as peel and stick. (Well maybe just a bit more difficult than that.) But since you don’t need to assemble a support frame, mounting structure or even drill holes in your roof, the Power-Ply modules reduce installation costs by up to 70% and reduce installation time by 30%.

They also feature a teflon front sheet making them strong but also light enough to install on most roof structures without the need for added reinforcement. (Which again can increase the cost of traditional solar panels.) They’re also just 0.31 inches thick and that thin profile allows for water shedding which reduces the risk of puddles collecting after a rain. Of course the downside is that the panels can only be installed on a flat roof, which minimizes their ability to be positioned at an optimal angle to collect the sun’s rays. But apparently that only results in about a 5% reduction in their power production.

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