ADAPTRAC System Regulates Bike’s Tire Pressure On The Go

By David Ponce

Whether it’s motor sports or human powered wheeled sports, a lot is riding where the rubber meets the tarmac. Decisions need to be made about tire pressure, with tradeoffs usually unavoidable. Mountain bikes face many different types of surfaces, so are very sensitive to this. Soft tires are great for rocky stretches of trail, where grip and absorption is better. Hard tires are preferable on flat surfaces, to go fast. Usually, a middle ground is chosen and the rest left up to fate. But the ADAPTRAC system changes all that:

ADAPTRAC is a multi-component system comprised of special patent pending hubs, a dual control valve and a C02 power pack/regulator. Tire pressure can be raised or lowered while riding with a quick press of the finger on the handlebar control toggles. Actual tire pressure is displayed on analog gauges mounted on the handlebars. The system utilizes 12x142mm rear and 15mm front axle standards – wheels can be removed as you would normally. ADAPTRAC uses readily available, rechargeable C02 tanks ranging from 4 to 20 ounces so you can carry only what you need. You can now tune your tire pressure to the trail – in seconds!

There’s no price just yet, as the system is in its final prototype stages. However, a price will be announced shortly after the system is presented this week at the Sea Otter Classic Expo in Monterey, California.

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  1. Could be useful if you ride with tubes.

    Tubeless riders who use a sealant like Stan’s will probably freeze the Stan’s into solid forms with this and lose the benefits of the sealant.

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