ActiFry Fries With A Tablespoon Of Oil

tefal actifryBy Ryan Nill

The Tefal ActiFry is the latest in not-so-deep frying technologies. By using fans and motion, it coats about 4 potatoes worth of fries in about a tablespoon of oil, which it then re-circulates throughout the fry cooker using a motor and heat. When all is done, the fry cooker has created a number of reduced fat, home style, french fries, at about 3% of the fat of regular fries. Delicious, yes?

Sadly, all this reduced fat comes at an increased price. The ActiFry comes at an exorbitant suggested $302, available somewhere in Europe now. We’ve included a promotional video after the jump.

[ Tefal ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

1 thought on “ActiFry Fries With A Tablespoon Of Oil”

  1. Just judging by the video, I think it means your fries will be 3% fat, not “at about 3% of the fat of regular fries”. Of course, I assume that’s still a very significant improvement over regular fries… : P

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