Acrylic Cowboy Case Looks Great For Component Testing

By Luke Anderson

I used to work on PC’s for a living, and found myself testing components on a regular basis, simply to rule out possible issues. For this I had a specific test bed PC that usually sat with the case open for easy access. A Japanese company has created a special case that seems to be made solely with the idea of testing hardware in mind.

There are very good reasons why your vital components all sit inside of a case. One of which is to direct airflow, which helps keep everything nice and cool. Contrary to what some people believe, leaving everything out in the open like the case shown above will actually make your PC generally run warmer. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend the Acrylic Cowboy case for your main system. However, it allows easy access to all of the vital components, which is excellent for testing purposes.

There are several different versions of this case which will run you anywhere from $40 to $100. If these things weren’t for the Japanese market, I would highly consider in picking one up for myself.

[ Hanwha Japan ] VIA [ Technabob ]