Acoustable (Image courtesy Acoustable)
By Andrew Liszewski

The coffee table in your living room probably already serves as everything from a work desk to a foot stool to the occasional dining area. In fact you’d probably miss it more than your TV if it ever disappeared. Even more so if it happens to be one of these Acoustables which feature a built-in sound system, adding ‘home stereo’ to the list of your coffee table’s duties.

Acoustable (Images courtesy Acoustable)

Made of a unique polymer and mineral blend which supposedly combines the advantages of both stone and plastic, the Acoustable is also water and fire resistant, which I guess is a good thing. All of the wiring and hardware are stashed out of sight keeping it aesthetically pleasing, and even the black membrane that sits just below the table’s surface letting the sound out looks more like a design element than a technical requirement. As for cost? It’s another one of those ‘contact us for more info‘ which roughly translates to ‘we want to prepare you for the sticker shock.’

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