AC/DC Box Set Features Real Working Guitar Amp


By Chris Scott Barr

New album releases aren’t usually something we cover here at OhGizmo, but this one is a bit of an exception. If you’re a huge AC/DC fan, then you’re probably excited for their new Backtracks release. In case you’re not familiar, it includes 3 CDs and a pair of DVDs that feature rare tracks from the band, along with a 12-inch vinyl LP, 164-page book and some other cool memorabilia. That might seem pretty interesting, but the case is what we’re here to talk about.

The box that holds all of the aforementioned items is made to look like a guitar amp. However, when examined closer, you’ll find that it is in fact, a real amp. Granted, it’s a measly 1-watt amplifier, but it’s still very cool nonetheless. The box set will run you $199 and no, it doesn’t go to 11.

ACDC Amp(2)

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