Accordion-Like Helmet Could Fit Odd Sized Heads

Getting people to wear their helmets is hard enough to start with, let alone when they have to struggle to find a size that fits their heads just right. Yes, we know there are adjustable straps within most cycling helmets so the point is kind of moot, but what else are we supposed to talk about to make an introduction to this particular item? It’s a folding helmet, made by Carrera, that stretches out to fit heads of any size without compromising on safety with an accordion-like design. Maybe we should focus instead on the fact that once it’s folded, it becomes a lot easier to stuff into a backpack, eh? Come to think of it, that’s probably the main feature here: its portability, not its adjustability. Oh well, whatever the case we don’t know the price or when it’ll be available, but it is a real product that should hit the shelves at some point.

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