Accenda iPod Voice Controller

Accenda Voice Control For iPod (Image courtesy Accenda)By Andrew Liszewski

Anyone who lives in a climate that gets cold enough to require gloves knows that the iPod’s ‘revolutionary’ click wheel is rendered obsolete while your fingers are being protected from frostbite. Adding a tethered remote is an easy solution, but I think this voice controller from Accenda is even easier. It attaches to the iPod’s dock connector and is worn by the user either around the neck or clipped to their lapel. Saying the word “iPod” will prompt the device to heed your next words as voice commands, allowing you to do everything from skip tracks to adjusting the volume without ever having to push a button.

Out-of-the-box the Accenda Voice Controller works with nearly all English-speaking users, but it can also be trained to recognize voice commands with strong accents or even in other languages. At $79.95 it’s definitely a pricey hands-free solution, but when has convenience ever come cheap? And does anyone else think this is a feature the iPhone should have had from day one?

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