Absolutely, Positively Nothing

Nothing (Image courtesy I Want One Of Those)By Andrew Liszewski

Wondering what to get your spoiled niece or nephew for their birthday? How about Nothing. Having trouble deciding on a gift for your friend’s 8th wedding shower? Might I suggest getting them Nothing. Or what about that Secret Santa where you drew the name of the guy who keeps stealing your lunch at work? Well I think it’s pretty clear that Nothing would make the perfect gift.

Besides maybe a mouthful of oxygen this clear acrylic sphere contains absolutely nothing. And to be honest it already seems like the perfect gift for a lot of people I know. Even the packaging is simple black and grey text on a stark white background that explains to the giftee that they have indeed just received absolutely Nothing as a gift.

And while the Nothing part might be free the packaging will apparently set you back about $6.28 from I Want One Of Those. That’s right, someone, somewhere is swimming in a pile of money because they thought of the idea to sell Nothing. I know what they’re getting from me for Christmas this year.

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  1. And with all the world wide problems with garbage, global warming, pollution and all the other issues we come up with another bit of sh*t to thow away and kill ourselves with toxic chemicals needed to produce another useless item. WILL THE MADNESS NEVER END?????

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