About NAS

About NAS

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Back in the olden days if you wanted to share something with a friend you would have to actually speak to them or even physically deliver the item in question. Nowadays, of course, sharing funny pictures and hilarious videos is as easy as clicking a button on Facebook or sending an email.

When it comes to sharing larger files, however, things are a little more difficult, especially with the growth in popularity of netbooks that lack CD/DVD drives. While online filesharing is now growing more difficult there is a handy, legal option for sharing between those who live together.

Network attached storage, or NAS, allows all members of a house to connect to a single specialised device that stores files like music, movies, documents and more. With network attached storage, you can easily combine and share your movie collections and music libraries. It can also make keeping a happy household more convenient – store the cleaning rota on the NAS system and you can all edit in your contributions. If you are low on bandwidth then an NAS system can be a godsend- no more doubling up on downloading eating into your speeds.

Network attached storage is available at surprisingly low prices, suitable for even the meagerest of student budgets. The Zykel NSA310, for example, retails at less than £55, yet has received a very complimentary score of 9.2 out of 10 at TestFreaks.

While NAS probably won’t make bosom buddies out of all housemates, especially when one of them leaves his dirty dishes in the sink for days, it is a very handy way to streamline sharing and expand your media library. Even better, you don’t have to wait for a housemate to get home to ask if you can borrow one of her DVDs – just access it via the network attached storage.

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