M1 Ultimate Micro Projector (Image courtesy AAXA Technologies)

AAXA Technologies’ M1 Ultimate Micro Projector Boasts 75 Lumens And A New Aluminum Housing

M1 Ultimate Micro Projector (Image courtesy AAXA Technologies)
By Andrew Liszewski

While not as pocket-friendly as some of their other models, AAXA Technologies’ new M1 Ultimate Micro Projector is still pretty damn small, particularly considering its capabilities and price point. We’ve reviewed a couple of the company’s pico projectors in the past, and while the P1 featured a usable 12 lumens of brightness, the L1 boosted that to 20 lumens which produced very nice results in a suitably dark room. However, if you’re willing to accept a bit of a compromise when it comes to extreme portability, the M1 Ultimate Micro’s 75 lumens should produce some really nice results, even with the lights on.

The M1 Ultimate Micro is still ridiculously small, don’t get us wrong, it just won’t be squeezing into your shirt pocket. That’s ok though since the 75 lumens is also accompanied by an 800×600 resolution, 1GB of on-board memory and a built-in SD card reader, a new aluminum housing with touchpad controls and an included tripod making it easy to prop-up and aim. It’s also currently available for just $299, which makes it a tempting alternative to larger briefcase sized models for those who travel.

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