AAXA M2 Micro Projector (Image courtesy AAXA Technologies)

AAXA Releases Their New M2 Micro Projector, The First Micro Projector With XGA Resolution

AAXA M2 Micro Projector (Image courtesy AAXA Technologies)
By Andrew Liszewski

AAXA’s micro projectors may not be as small or pocket-friendly as their pico projectors, but they compensate with vastly superior tech specs and capabilities. But don’t get me wrong, they’re still surprisingly compact when compared to the video projector you probably have at your office. The latest addition to their family, the M2, is the first to boast an XGA or 1024×768 resolution with an impressive 110 lumen light source. In comparison, the M2’s predecessor, the M1, could only muster up 800×600 at 75 lumens.

And because it’s designed for travel and as a sort of, all-in-one multimedia device, the M2 also features 1GB of built-in storage with an SD card slot and USB ports for connecting and playing back media directly from an external storage unit. And like your office projector is also sports a VGA input for connecting a laptop, as well as composite AV inputs and HDMI for connecting other multimedia devices. $369 available directly from AAXA.

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