A4Tech GLaser Mouse Works Anywhere

A4Tech GLaser Mouse (Images courtesy Royche)
By Andrew Liszewski

Laser or LED based optical mice have been around for a lot longer than most people think. They were originally seen on high-end graphics workstations where mouse precision was very important but the downside was they required a special mousepad in order to work. Over time their design was improved and eventually they became usable on almost any surface… as long as it wasn’t clear or highly reflective.

The GLaser seems to be the last step in the evolution of the optical mouse because it has a unique dual focus lens system that allows it to be used anywhere including shiny surfaces and even on transparent glass. It comes in a rainbow of accent colors that light up thanks to LEDs on the inside and has everything else we’ve come to expect on a mouse these days including a dedicated double-click button. (Which kind of defeats the purpose of double-clicking if you ask me.)

It’s currently available from a company called Royche who I’m pretty sure isn’t giving them away even though they don’t have a price listed on their site.

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