A Windows Themed House

windows house

By David Ponce

The endless possibilities for Microsoft jokes have caused a serious case of writer’s block. I believe it senseless that I should have spent the best part of a quarter hour looking for something smart to say about this. So, I’ll say nothing more than this: here you have a picture of someone, unidentified, who likes Microsoft Windows so much… he went and added a Windows theme to his house. Yes, we’re aware the picture was in this month’s PC Mag, but we didn’t read it, and we don’t know who this fellow is.

So, there you have it. A Window’s themed house.

VIA [Gadgetblog.it]

4 thoughts on “A Windows Themed House”

  1. So then all the fuses must blow out like five times a day needing a re-install and loads of spyware hiding in the walls watching everything they do, right?

    Of course if he wants to make a change to it he may have to wait a few years for the newer version.

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