A Windows CE Based Gas Pump, The Ovation(R) iX Dispenser

By David Ponce

It was just a matter of time until some company realized that during the five minutes you spend idly filling your gas tank, you could instead be doing something productive. A company called Dresser Wayne is in the process of manufacturing the gas pump from the future, built on a Windows CE platform: the Ovation(R) iX dispenser.

“Very soon,” says Dan Harrell, Dresser Wayne’s senior director of marketing and product management, “you’ll be able to stop for gas on your way to work and — without ever leaving the pump — buy a cup of coffee and a lottery ticket, download an MP3, and check up-to-the-minute traffic reports. The dispenser itself will be able to run a quick diagnostics report on your car, alert you when it’s time for an oil change, and even print out coupons for the lube shop down the street.”

After reading the press release, I wasn’t sure just when this technology is supposed to see the light of day. Perhaps the info is there, and I’m too bleary eyed to see it.

In any case, you just need to know that there are people hard at work finding better, more efficient ways to separate you from your money. And that’s a real comfort.

[Dresser Wayne] VIA [The Raw Feed]

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  2. Bult-in coffee machine? People find it hard enough putting the right fuel in a diesel car, how long till people start drinking petrol and putting decaf in the car?

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