Hitachi’s IT Furniture

Computer Projection TableBy Michelle Cheung

Japan’s Hitachi is developing “IT furniture” and is looking forward to releasing some of this within a year.

The table will be made with a thin piece of wood (0.3mm) and covered with acrylic. The projector underneath will beam the images onto the aforementioned layer of wood and users can attach their computer to the projector and use it as a monitor. A built-in sensor will allow your hand to act as a mouse.

Essentially, well, it’s table with an integrated tactile projection screen.

A example use for this would be, say, projecting the menus for customers in a restaurant. It’s 1.2 meter X 1.2 meter, and is projected to cost around $27,500.

This might go well with the virtual keyboard we talked about earlier.

Story Via Asahi News.