A Treadmill For Your Dog

dog treadmill

By David Ponce

We’ve noticed that dogs tend to look a lot like their owners. And we’ve also noticed that a lot of people (a great, ungodly lot) are very fat. Yeah, like obese fat. And so are their pooches. So, what better idea than a doggie treadmill? Think about it. Dogs need exercise, but who’s going to take them out for a walk? Certainly not their already gravitationally challenged owners; there’s a reason they’re overweight in the first place. So, these people can just place poochie on the treadmill, and control their canine friend’s workout intensity with a remote, all from the comfort of their Dorito-dust covered La-Z-Boy. The machine goes from 0 to 5 km/h (3.1 mph) and a safety leash along with two side shields reduces the chances of a mishap. Of course, we’re thinking that a minor disaster is just around the corner should poor doggie trip while tethered by a leash… but, let’s just hope the owners will have the decency to be paying attention.

It’s ?15,800 ($131), though the site is in Japanese, and we can’t be sure if they’ll deliver overseas or what.

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4 thoughts on “A Treadmill For Your Dog”

  1. Training for dog fights? Talk about shooting the wrong target! I hate laws like that, in trying to solve a problem they just end up infringe on peoples rights.

  2. If anyone who has read this and can read Japanese, would you mind going to the website and seeing if they ship to the U.S. and the cost and then post it back here?
    I would appreciate it and I’m sure at least a couple others would too.

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