A Tool For Armchair Activists

Troika's Tool For Armchair Activists (Images courtesy Moritz Waldemeyer)
By Andrew Liszewski

There are a lot of great causes out there worth supporting, but I’ve found they all require you to get up and do something, which isn’t my cup of tea. Thankfully Moritz Waldemeyer (who created the By Royal Appointment chairs from yesterday) and someone named Troika worked together to create this handy tool for armchair activists like myself.

It consists of a loudspeaker connected to a computer that can receive text messages and convert them into spoken words. The text to speak conversion is made possible by some sophisticated speech synthesis software, which presumably was customized for this application. The hardest part of using the device is having to mount it on a lamp post or other hard to reach area. But once it’s running you can simply relax at home and text in your opinions, without the fear of tear gas, high powered water hoses or even having to stand for a couple of hours.

[ Troika’s tool for armchair activists ]