A Syringe Shaped USB Flash Drive

usb injection needle

By David Ponce

There isn’t a whole lot of pertinent things to say about this product. It’s a USB flash drive that comes in sizes of 128MB to 1GB, and has the notable feature of looking just like a syringe. It’s made by Wide Shine Technology Co., Ltd based in Taiwan. And you can only order it in bulk.

So, maybe cool for a tech novelty store or something.

[Wide Shine Website] VIA [I4U]

2 thoughts on “A Syringe Shaped USB Flash Drive”

  1. That thing’s got “Drug company or medical equipment supplier freebie” written all over it. Silk screen a logo on it and start handing it out in physician’s offices. I’ve know a few drug reps and those doctor’s like NICE toys…

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